The museum is now open again for the 2019 season. we have been busy over the winter period carrying out build and grounds maintenance as well work in the museum updating, cleaning and adding new displays.

One new display is a Tornado canopy donated to us by Paul Kennard from Bexhill. We don’t know the exact identity of the last aircraft it was fitted to, but a radio frequency card in the navigator’s area lists Lossimouth, Tain and 617 Squadron, it is fair assumption then that this canopy was last fitted to a 617 Squadron Tornado.

Thanks to all the members who helped to carefully install the canopy in the tight confines of the museum.

Models, pictures and artefacts underneath the canopy

Models, pictures and artefacts underneath the canopy
Member Phil Baldock setting up the display under the canopy
Tornado GR4 canopy, in times gone by this type of exhibit would have been found in a garden used a cloche!