Due to the ongoing pandemic we have taken the decision not to open the museum this year. We have considered all options regarding social distancing for our visitors but due to the nature of the Nissen huts and the restricted space within we would not be able to safely meet the requirements for visitors. We plan to reopen in March next year when hopefully the pandemic has passed or become less aggressive. We hope that all our members and supporters are safe and well and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

While we remain closed for the present we are taking this opportunity to carry out as much painting and decorating as we can. All the Nissen hut doors have been sanded, repairs carried out, primed and gloss green top coat applied. Inside the Nissen huts we have moved exhibits in order to paint the walls behind them and taken the opportunity to clean, inspect and re-protect exhibits. Other exhibits around the museum are receiving attention and new displays are being completed. We have also been inspecting the many items we have in storage and have found some forgotten treasures which are now being prepared for display. 

Rear view of our B-26 Marauder R2800 engine and its ‘Solar Anti Monoxide Exhaust Manifold’ exhaust system.
Rolls Royce Merlin 21 or 23 from a DH Mosquito receiving attention
Sea Vixen XJ488 pulled out for cleaning
Additions to our 8th Air Force Display

Repaired and painted Nissen hut doors