Due to the ongoing pandemic we have taken the decision not to open the museum this year. We have considered all options regarding social distancing for our visitors but due to the nature of the Nissen huts and the restricted space within we would not be able to safely meet the requirements for visitors. We also need to consider our insurance costs and have decided not to renew our policy for this year as it is not definite that we will be able to open without the necessary restrictions in place. We hope that all our members and supporters are safe and well and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

The museum has been invited to the Kent and East Sussex Railway 1940’s weekend on the weekend of the 11th and 12th September. We will be taking exhibits from the museum along for display and we are looking forward to once again being able to promote the museum and display a small selection of our exhibits.

Work still continues around the museum, the Society now owns the museum site and all the buildings on it. The additional buildings are being assessed and essential repairs carried out. Plans for these buildings are in place and they will be used for storage, workshops and fund raising activities. As more storage space is now available a sixth nissen hut will be made available for museum artefacts. Planning for this hut is in its early stages but a display centred around Avro Lancaster LM650 is high on the agenda.

In addition to building maintenance and ground keeping recently completed new displays include a display area for Hawker Typhoon artefacts, an aircraft wheel and tyre display, Focke Wulf 190 display and a Spitfire Mk. IX Merlin 66 engine.

Hawker Typhoon R8812 which crashed at Ashburnham, parts of which can be seen in our new Hawker Typhoon display

Rolls Royce Merlin 66 crankshaft